Biden’s STUPID COMMENT Opens US Up To Attack | Jack Posobiec Exclusive


Will Gavin Newsome, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris swap Biden out in the future?

1. Recent developments in the Israel-Gaza situation, including Iran’s mixed messages on potential attacks and hostage negotiations.
2. Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Orbis Business Intelligence over a discredited report linking him to Russian compromise during his presidential campaign.
3. Hunter Biden’s dropped gun charges and the perception of a “sweetheart deal.”
4. President Biden’s comments on supporting two wars and the country’s financial situation.
5. Speculation about Biden’s future plans regarding the presidency and any updates on the Biden impeachment inquiry.
6. The FBI’s warning about potential threats to the United States, whether internal or external.
7. Speaker of the House dynamics, with concerns about Republican votes benefiting Democratic leaders.
8. Rep. Matt Gaetz’s comments about Nancy Pelosi’s influence in the Democratic House. Will Rep Jim Jordan win the speaker role vote?


Voting for Biden is like hiring Nancy Pelosi to run your liquor store.

And for Gods sake don’t let Hillary get her foot in the door,she needs to be in prison.


  1. We don’t need any nukes being thrown around, but we sure better find a way to get those left wingers out of our government before we no longer have a way to do that, except by having another revolution.

  2. At some point in time will there be a declared “Open Season” on these Communistic Democrats ?
    I for one am damned tired of their criminal actions going unpunished !
    The RINOs are doing nothing to help the Republican cause !

  3. Remove this fascist dictator who rules with EO’S . enough of his illegals for votes. He has destroyed this once great Republic. We are now a laughing stock of thed world. No one world nation.

  4. Eith every day the democrat have been in office from Carter through Clinton and obama right up to today I am amazed that so many morons either vote for them or are willing to commit voter fraud for them.

    The same it true for democrat governors and AG’s. They are all screw ups yet the leftist moron always vote for them anyway.

    You would think people work eventually learn. They don’t. Everyone on the left proves how stupid they really are with every vote.

  5. I am sick and tired of joe biden and his communistic regime!! America used to be a proud nation, but with the pathological liar, the inept COWARDLY TRAITOR Joe Biden has destroyed America and Americans!! His endless lies and deceit is overwhelming!!
    This regime made America a weak nation, other countries look at America and wonder how we allowed it to happen!!
    joe “where am I jill” biden, has committed TREASON and there’s many examples of just that, and he should be convicted of TREASON and put to death for that TREASON!!
    I wish asshole biden would give just one REAL PRESS CONFERENCE, not these “select reporters” with ONLY SCRIPTED QUESTIONS!! He would be destroyed, he wouldn’t know what the hell he’s doing!! I don’t bother watching MSM news outlets anymore, they just confirm how inept they’ve become, they are being led to push whatever biden says, along with all of bidens lies!! Their credibility is ZERO!! I’ve stopped trusting MSM to report what’s really going on in America, simply BECAUSE THEY ALIGN WITH THE CORRUPT biden REGIME!!

  6. I must agree totally with Michael Bluemkey. It’s totally shocking to have a POTUS as protected from questions as ours presently is. So much for transparency. Anything close to transparency was “blocked” on the former Twitter. It used to be that even the MSM gave equal time to opposing views but not anymore.

  7. I for one would really like to say something good about the Democrats elected officials. Just give me a minute. They the best crooks that have ever been elected to not represent the American people.

  8. The lying, biased press has corrupted the thinking of the U.S. citizens. Why are the Dems ‘methods’ of getting and retrieving votes even allowed, as they definitely skirt the laws of legality and fairness. The Federal Government should enact legislation for a set of basic standards: No one permitted to vote without producing authentic identification, mail-in voting eliminated or heavily restricted (military only), voter registration rolls must be purged and updated (stops dead folks from voting), return to secure paper ballots (voting software has proven far too easy to manipulate), stop ballot harvesting, and no early voting. This has been successful in the past and would stop the Dems ‘sleight of hand’ ways that many call cheating. C’mon Repub leaders, do something now before the next Presidential election.

  9. Every comment spot on. I get IMPRIMIS brochures along with NEWSMAX magazine and The Verdict newsletter. Most of this is right here on Yahoo News. Today, Biden was apparently sniffing a six year old girls hair. Thought she was nineteen. Trump just keeps getting lied about or put down. Yesterday Biden was told by his base to attack Trump more. Does that sound like someone you want leading anything. It’s like an abusive spouse. Somehow believing they will change. Some of the nonsense is just plain stupid. It’s also irritating that the nuts around him have the same beliefs, and actually think he is good for America. Got a Nazi Soros paying into the Democratic Party and other things that are destroying America. Supports open chaotic borders. It’s the One World Order. One Party. In every country. Communism, Socialism, Marxism. Research shows that Obama had these beliefs that were hidden. Mainstream Media succeeds again. NEWSMAX, The First, Judicial Watch, The Verdict, Heritage Foundation all are good. They show the lies that the left actually says and does. They hate the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Star Spangled Banner. With the lockdowns, forcing vaccines, masks, do not use fuel, close your businesses, indoctrinate children, take bribes from terror organizations, push the climate lies, and the Trump lies. Sounds like Nazi Germany. Israel being attacked for defending the Hamas/Palestine beheading of babies, killing elderly, women. Then claiming Israel is the bad guy. Backward thinking can only come from the devil. Not God. No mention of love, which is a big red flag. Blaming is evil. Lying is evil. Taking bribes is evil. Punishing people for standing up to lies and corruption is evil, giving our reserve fuel to other countries is evil, allowing illegal immigration out of control, and then saying the border is closed. Evil. Allowing men in women’s sports. Evil. Claiming to be one gender, does not work. Showering with the ladies is evil. Then the school boards and teachers unions allowing this along with pornography in school libraries. Even talking adult sexuality to kids. Taking real classes out of school for this garbage. Cooking classes, automotive, woodworking, metal shop, drafting. I had all this when I was in school and helped me. Then the white supremacy and racist lies. There is racism. Everyone has been victimized. Christians, Jews, black, brown, Asian, Palestinians, etc. God is the savior. Our bodies will die. Our souls are going to Heaven or hell. Pray in Jesus name. Repent of your sins and receive the Holy Spirit for understanding. Then God will bless you. Not all Religions and Darwanism are right. All think they are. Theory is not fact. Jails are full in every city. Which means people are evil. God is the only one that can deliver us from evil. Not governments. WHO, WEF, CDC, are not going to rescue you. Do not let the devil take your salvation.


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