Dark Forces Using Ukraine & Israel To DRAG USA into WORLD WAR 3 | Gerald Celente


The interview between Stephen Gardner and Gerald Celente covers various topics, beginning with a critique of mainstream media as mere “prostitutes” serving corporate and government interests. Celente expresses gratitude for alternative platforms providing information outside the mainstream narrative.

The conversation delves into the power dynamics behind media manipulation, citing instances where influential figures, like Michelle Obama, allegedly influenced show cancellations and damaged reputations. The discussion broadens to the overarching control exerted by elites, with a focus on figures like George Soros, accused of infiltrating justice systems and media.

The host brings up concerns about Trump being portrayed as the most dangerous figure, but Celente argues that there are larger forces at play, pointing to the influence of hedge fund managers and wealthy elites. The conversation touches on the manipulation of public opinion regarding Israel and Palestine, where criticism is stifled, particularly within universities.

The interview shifts to a broader perspective, examining how ordinary individuals navigate a world controlled by elites. Celente emphasizes historical methods of change, referencing past revolutions and the need for people to stand up against what he perceives as a corrupt system. The conversation takes a critical stance on politicians, labeling them as “morons and imbeciles.”

The interview then explores Celente’s view on war as a tool to distract from economic struggles. Specific examples include the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Israel-Gaza situation. Celente suggests that wars are funded by stealing from the public to benefit the military-industrial complex.

The conversation also touches on the potential manipulation of wars for political purposes, suggesting that the Biden administration might exploit conflicts for distraction and potential re-election strategies. Celente criticizes figures like Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, as a former “mass murderer.”

The host brings up the idea of a global elite using media coverage, like the continuous reporting on conflicts, to boost ratings and profits. Celente agrees, claiming that such coverage serves the interests of media corporations. He criticizes the emphasis on trivial matters, like celebrity news, as distractions from more significant issues.

Celente also discusses the decline of journalistic integrity, pointing out the profit-driven motives that lead media outlets to prioritize sensationalism over genuine reporting. The interview concludes with a reflection on societal distractions, drawing parallels with historical declines and the entertainment strategies employed by ancient Rome.


I don’t watch fox or any of the mass media. Thanks Stephen for bringing people with brains and integrity.

Stephen Gardner and Gerald Celente are correct. Both of you should run for office !! We will support you!!


  1. Looking more and more like the final stages of Revelation could happened within our life times. If stupid senile poopypants Joe was even half the Catholic he claims he is he would figure out he’s just a useful idiot pawn for satan’s followers to cause chapters 11-13 in Revelation to happen. But then, we all know the fake Catholics, like Joe and Pelosi and others, really don’t worship God. They’re idol worshippers and satanist.


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