Holy CRAP! Fani Willis proven to have LIED UNDER OATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fani Willis is going to start explaining that telemetry data is ray cist. This whole trial needs to be over.

I stand with the REAL President, Donald J. Trump


  1. Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg, Lettitta James, Jack Smith and some others have had their 15 minutes of fame under the assumption to take down our President Trump. The lies and the deceit are overwhelming to the point that the American people are now totally disgusted. All of these crooks including Biden, his administration and the rest of the corrupt liberal politicians, even the RINOS should be convicted of crimes against our former president and our country. This is unbelievable and unacceptable for this to continue to occur. Our country is hurting so bad we need President Trump to be in our White House again. TRUMP 2024!!!!

  2. Here is a man persecuted day and night more than the Lord Himself. The Epitome of corruption in American Government continues to arrogantly lie and deceive Americans on a continual basis. This Country can not continue on this path of self destruction much longer!

  3. I believe that if you squeezed Merrick Garland hard enough, he would spill the beans on Bribden and his attempt to interfere with the 2024 election. You see how people are turning out for the 45th. Joey is a dementia ridden broken down politician who has a list of corrupt followers and he is always under scrutiny when it comes to his ethics

  4. I’m so tired of hearing “It’s over, Their done” nothing is further from the truth, a corrupt judge is going to let them off!!! Period!!!

    • You are so right. The fat ass bitch with the ghetto attitude will get off somehow together with her ugly lover. Watching her on the stand with her sassy mouth and she threw the paper down on the table in front of the WHITE prosecutor and the judge just to show that she thinks she’s above the law because of her skin color. Had the woman was white, she has probably already got jail term for contempt!

  5. put fani in prison and put wade right across eh hall so they can look at each other.

    then let the entire prison know who they are. that way they can watch the prisons go at each other.

  6. So why do we surrender our rights & lives to others so they here complete control of us . We are born free , constitution states that . Government does not work never did never will. History proves it. Kings & Queens , Monarchs, Rulers, Dictators all live the high life at the cost of the peasants. Time to eliminate them all & take responsibility for our own lives.

  7. Yes, it is TIME to take responsibility for our own lives. It is so easy for us to cast judgments on others and do not take time to look into ourselves if we are sin free. If EVERYBODY takes responsibility for ourselves, may be the world we currently live in might be more peaceful as people love their neighbors as they love themselves. May our good LORD GIVE US THE ability to be more humane and kinder to others who have succumbed to commit transgressions against our own family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances.


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