Jack Smith HUMILIATED By Trump Appointed Judge Aileen Cannon



Jack Smith has no case and no authority to bring this case

Jack Smith should go to jail


  1. Send him to Panera Bread in Ft Bragg, CAlifornia. He belong’s out there with all of Gavin’s friends. Take the rest of this Bribem instigated court BS with him, including Garland and all those other corrupted Kangaroo DA’s and Soros paid of frauds from sea to shining sea. They are a mockery of not just the justice system, but our country.

  2. I don’t think a Taco Bell for Bragg. I believe a floor maintenance guy at Walmart, in China. Lets hope he takes a hint and heads out for parts unknown.

  3. I heard one time that if you sling enough garbage at another that the garbage will somehow twist and turn and eventually slap you upside of the head. I do hope you understand that the good and right people of this USA do not believe that you are one of them. Enjoy your trip to ??????!

  4. Prayers help fight against evil. We have so many people now who are influenced by evil because only few people practice any religion or believe in God our Creator. let us all pray that God will enlighten the evil people to see the light by turning to prayer. I ALWAYS BELIEVE THAT MANY THINGS ARE WROUGHT BY PRAYER.IF many do not believe that there is a powerful God that enlighten us on what is good, we will be drawn to the evil minded people. If some of us still believe in the effectiveness of prayer, let us all say a prayer for enlightenment for the right people to govern us and we will be compliant with the rules to make our country peaceful and more law abiding citizens will prevail.


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