Pentagon Confirms What the Media Has Been Denying About Hamas


Dave Rubin, host of the popular talk show “The Rubin Report,” engaged in an intriguing conversation with Ami Kozak and Meira Cowland about Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh’s confirmation of Israel’s claims concerning Hamas’ massive military operation under Gaza hospitals. This revelation prompted a lively discussion, as Rubin delved into the implications and complexities surrounding this situation. Kozak and Cowland, both knowledgeable individuals with diverse backgrounds, shared their perspectives on the matter, highlighting various aspects that contribute to the broader geopolitical context of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Throughout the conversation, Rubin skillfully moderated the discussion, ensuring all viewpoints were given fair consideration and fostering an environment conducive to learning and understanding for the audience.


At some point Americans will have to have a serious discussion about the current State of the Main Stream Media in America . It’s horrible and to the point no one trusts it .

Its mind boggling to how ignorant and blind people are. They are pandering to evil liars disguised as victims. This young lady’s explanation needs to go viral.


  1. All “real” American patriots, are behind & beside the state of Israel, in it’s efforts to defend itself from the evil of Hamas, & it’s terror sponcer, Iran. Israel does more to try to protect the innocent, on all sides, than any other nation, under similar circumstances. Anyone who denies this, has their head buried so deeply in the sand, that they are totally delusional. The Jewish people, & Israel, are the apple of GOD’S eye & whoever curses Israel, will be cursed by GOD !! Under these circumstances, you are fighting a battle you can NOT win. Israel’s biblical enemies no longer exist, & that should tell you something.

  2. As stupid as the far left democrats are, even they can’t continue the lie for hamas. Just cause most are to far gone on this BS about israel. The truth remains the same. Israel needs to roll on through all of the gaza strip and destroy hamas once and for all. They said it more then once they don’t want peace, so why both trying to have it. Take back all that land and control it for themselves. To bad to many in our country are to stupid to realize the truth of it all. They are the anti Christ’s lost souls, and to far gone to understand. Or just don’t care, and follow along blindly doing the devils work.


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