RIOT Breaks Out At NYC School Over Teacher Supporting ISRAEL?


A riot erupted at a high school in Queens, New York City, after students learned about one of their teachers attending a pro-Israel rally. The incident highlights the complex issues surrounding identity and politics within educational institutions in diverse cities like New York.

Pro-Israel rallies have been occurring worldwide, with participants showcasing support for Israel’s right to exist and condemning violence against the Jewish state by its Arab neighbors. These events often draw criticism from Palestinian rights activists, who argue that these gatherings perpetuate injustices towards the Palestinian people.

Anthony Brian logan discusses this on the youtube video below:


The lack of two strong engaged parents (male/female) leading their children is the biggest problem in this nation today.

Thank you Obama, thank you teachers’ union


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  2. the american public schools have completely failed. every single teacher needs to be fired, the unions made illegal, the school administrators put in prison, and the schools shut down. then we need to give every parent a school voucher to send their kids to any school they wish.

  3. Gather them all up load them on a military plane & drop them off in Gaza. Teach them first hand just what a terrorist is truly like. Make them stay for at least 2.months. Then maybe just maybe they will realize how lucky they are to live in a country where you can act as stupid as you want without being beheaded or stoned to death. Make damn sure you include LGBTQ.

  4. I say leave them there! Time to take out the Palestinian CANCER! The Palestinians have no reason to EXIST. They have no country no state and nobody even wants them around.
    Especially all their Arab neighbors!!!!!
    I’m burning the Palestinian flag as we speak.

  5. And now Democrats and the Left are cultivating PRO-TERRORISTS all over America……..

    Teaching our kids to hate instead of teaching them higher math and such.

    The square root of a democrat is an imaginary number.

    FJB and Democrats everywhere and forever.

  6. I believe there are Palestinians that are good. But the Mainstream news media is more interested, like the Biden administration, in attacking anything and everything that doesn’t line up with their Socialist, Marxist, Communist beliefs. The globalists and NewWorld Order are trying to make the world one big one Party system. It would be good if they were on the right side. But they are radical, control, not fact based, idiots. Everything they are doing and saying is a rejection of reality. Love crime, destroying things, against common sense, hate Christianity, and the rules of law. The only way to get their way, is to lie and destroy.


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