The Biden admin gave Iran ‘the green light’: Mike Pompeo



We need Trump back ASAP.

I’m ashamed of our government ,it’s embarrassing.


  1. Is anyone laughing yet at these people screaming, “Trump’s going to get us into a war”. Look no farther than this despot in the Oval Office with the “Wizard of Kenya” holding him hostage and calling the shots. But what you really need to be concerned about is the invasion they’ve orchestrated at our borders and illegal flights at airfields all over the country. These people need to be stopped! President Trump has been forced into the courts by this bogus bunch of criminals. They are ruining our military and making the USA the most dangerous place in the world.

  2. The Biden government is spineless. We should stand with Israel , who was attacked for no reason, then attacked again by the master of puppets. If anyone thought the Carter administration was weak on foreign policy and national strength, Biden makes Jimmy look like a political HeMan or Hulk. This Poindexter needs to be in mothballs and his party in complete ruin and disdain. Worst administration I’ve seen in my whole life and I’m near 60. Natioal weakness is of no concern to them.

    • Perfect opportunity to kick the living Christ out of Iran and end this shit with them.but pussy Joe immediately announced that we won’t gives Iran balls to keep poking Israel.everything the sniffer in chief is done purposely to create failure and chaos

  3. When I heard Joey say that they {Iran} are going to bomb Israel, just one time, it was like there was an agreed upon pact that they had. I remember all of the dems cowards back in 2016 chirping that Trump was going to get us in a world war. I didn’t know that Trump was spelled Biden. A guy who had the reputation of having nearly zero foreign policy experience is surely showing it now. He has showed his wealth of foreign policy skill in his 4 years, starting with Afghanistan. It really started with Barack and Holden Fast and Furious.


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