Trump CAN’T STOP WINNING in Court!


In spite of the numerous controversies and challenges former President Donald Trump has faced, he continues to achieve victories in court. From legal cases related to his administration policies to personal disputes, here is a comprehensive overview of some key instances where Trump triumphed legally:


It’s going to be an absolutely amazing and wonderful moment when all the charges against Trump are dropped.

I thank the Lord that we have God on our side without God the Democrats would silence everyone that don’t agree with the Constitution



  2. What is sad how the Mainstream news media, which includes, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, FBI corruption, DOJ corruption. I hope you will watch The First and/or NEWSMAX. I watch these.The others I used to watch. Not anymore. Local news is generally telling the truth. Locally. But world views, and government stories are now being lied about. There are facts. But certain issues are being lied about. January 6 was not an insurrection. Summer 2021 would be classified as an insurrection. There have been similar events that have been at Capitols and cities since January 6. Have not heard the word insurrection. Now, finally 40,000 hours of that event will be released. Joe and Hunter, in case you do not follow, took bribes from other nations. Particularly China and Ukraine. Hunters laptop, before the 2020 election was pushed as Russian disinformation. Interestingly, Hillary paid people to push that Trump getting elected in 2016 was because Russia helped. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the FBI contacted him and told him that story is disinformation right before the 2020 Election. Politicians, bureaucrats, donors, special leaders interest groups all donate to the cause. Would not hear about that laptop anymore until Joe Biden was elected. Conservative comments were banned on websites. Come to find out, Joe Biden had this done. The Biden family phone calls and bank accounts have been exposed. Bribes with other names being used to hide that money. Family members getting lots of money. Still today, the information is being hidden. Trump was attacked before he got elected in 2016, and since. If not, why was this laptop story and Obama covering for Hillary on the Benghazi attack, hidden? She,with help, destroyed that laptop server, phone messages, and anything with a negative fact. No one in the Biden administration, including leaders of the military, have been held accountable. One soldier, of higher rank, was discharged for bringing this up. Dr. Fauci has also lied. During the first news of the virus broke. Trump said it was the China virus. Most everyone, including Dr. Fauci, said that was not true. Facts coming out now, he has been doing Gain of Function all the way back to the AIDS virus. Money flowing into the NIH. WHO, CDC, WEF, have their hands covering stuff up. Only find some of this news being told. The First and NEWSMAX are even talking about it. With facts. There is evidence that the Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda is being pushed by the Biden administration. Lockdowns, indoctrinating(CRT), and porn in elementary schools. And the transgender narrative. Hide from parents, teachers denying they are teaching it. Boys in girls locker rooms and sports. If you look at the American education system. Equity and race are pushed. Took important programs(WoodShop, Welding, Drafting, Cooking, Automotive), and then Math, Reading, Writing are not being encouraged. Mostly public schools. Covid exposed this. The result, bullying, troubled teens, suicide, skipping school, very low test scores, and less kids graduating. Radical ideas in Colleges and Universities. Even some Professors have gone Woke or radical. Because of the Defund the Police movement, not surprisingly, cities are more dangerous. Add our country is racist, pushed by Biden, NAACP, Al Sharpton, and others, we have more violence. Even reparations are being pushed. Yet. Trump and his supporters are called the threat to Democracy. Hmm. And we had The January 6 Committee that also lied and destroyed information. The Green Energy lies. Green is not more efficient. EV,s are not better than fueled vehicles. Car companies are finally stating they agree. Discussions by John Kerry, Climate gurus, blaming people for the climate changes. Biden stating the Climate is more of a threat than the wars, overspending, and the Radical Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda. Copying other countries. Results have always been disastrous. Pulling statues down. Trying to destroy historical facts. Sounds like Nazi Germany. Not surprising, George Soros, a Nazi, is somehow putting billions into weak prosecutors and the Democratic Party that helped Biden win the 2020 election. Why is his evil self allowed to do that? I just showed you. AARP and NPR were left out as other helping hands. I did this research. Continue to. Hope every American can now see the real threat to our freedoms. Arresting people that have no bad intentions on January6. Many still in jails. BLM, Antifa, once praised. Now can be linked to violence. Even using funds to support black communities, misused for a few leaders to buy expensive property, clothes, and vehicles. Still today, that group is being praised. People that are black, Asian, Mexican and other races are deemed white supremacists just because they voted or supported Trump or exposed Biden. Another threat to their New World Order. Wanting one party, Democrats. No dissent. Even stating war is beneficial to Americans. As they pound money into the narrative. Border illegal immigration all time high, more drugs pumped into U.S. cities. Border agents unable to stop everyone. Which means more Americans are attacked. See it in every city. Again very little, if any, news coverage. I suggest getting NEWSMAX magazine, IMPRIMIS brochures, I pass them out. Get one free every month. Pay a little for extras. Pray, as the previous commenter says. AAMC supports the values of the United States Constitution. Read. I got a book(American Socialism). Read it. Thank you for reading. Vote Biden and supporters of this craziness out. America first. Not last.

  3. Trump is great but we need to have both houses of congress as well and we need to have a complete sweep of all governemtn agencies booting out about 70% of the employees. It is clear that the FBI needs to be shut down and all of their files on Americans erased. the nih, fda, cdc, epa and nasa need to be cut back to about 20% of their current budget. american would be better off if we simply adopted the European food, drug, and medical procedure rules rather then the FDA and CDC rules.

    the EPA is completely out of control. the USA has one of the lowest pollution per capita rates in the world. yet the democrats and epa are destroying our economy with efforts to fend off a theoretical problem.

    We need 100% republican control and we need them to have to balls to actually go after the establishment deep state democrats.

  4. One of Trumps biggest political enemy IS McConnell if fact McConnell is the big enemy of the GOP Party there is little doubt the he cost the GOP senate

  5. Makes me sick. Pls bring Trump back into office. He is the one to be the one for this time and place in history to bring common sense back.


    I Served in DC and Pentagon. Don’t be fooled by some politicians, all on one side of the line or the other.

    Reasons Trump is not liked; he’s not a political good, Ole boy. Never a governor, senator, or congressman pulling down the curtian on back door deals with lobbiest. However, the same people that took his money when running for Office. Trump, a Democrat turned Republican. Gave money to Dems. Aren’t these the same Democrats that are trying to Badger him along with the never Trumpers. DAMN SHAME

    The Democrat Party died with JFK. You have people in the office who will not fix real problems for those who put them there. This is a damn shame. It is now about Socialist ideas and CONTROL. DAMN SHAME

    These people who represent “We the People” with power to pick up a phone, make a call to feed a small country, or give them aid. Then, create or do nothing when allegations turn out to be false to destroy a man or men because of politics or policies. DAMN SHAME

    I have read some of these internet threads posted online, and people on both sides interpret the Constitution diffrent. Have we as a people lot our damn minds.

    There are plenty of fingers to point. I think most politicians are guilty. I know the Constitution and served 22 years as a Marine, defending it. Politicians use our money against each other all the time, your money. Problem is when they run out of money they just print more. DAMN SHAME

    As far as the leadership we have in our higher offices, there is none. Lots of talk and no action.
    Lets take the time to look at ourselves as voters. Have we had a true leader in office that has made a difference for We the People?
    The answer is no!
    Everything now is opionated, conspiracys, not truth, and decisions are not in everyone’s best interest. It’s about hurting someone’s feelings. Has this Country produced a society with no backbone? DAMN SHAME

    These small groups of idealist have got their foot into the door of the mainstream of politics, healthcare, religion, media, education, security, food and products being distributed needed or used everyday by the poor and middle class. Also, the boarders of this great nation. The call of racism for every issue or argument. Telling misstruths to cover up other misstruths.

    This has been going on for years. Who suffers? Our children that are exposed to all of this. When did we change from the land of plenty, prosperty, and safety? When did we all stop being Americans as one nation and not groups of weird individuals that think they are intitled. DAMN SHAME

    Therefore, there are a lot of people making no effort to improve their situation to earn it. Just looking for the next handout. The past is the past, we should learn from it and move on. There should not be a black, mexican, asian, lgbtq, or anyother classification of people in this country. The only classification should be American!!!

    We, as a people, need to stand up and take back our streets, take back our schools, take back our jobs, take back the responsibility of raising our children to respect authority and to strive to work hard and be prepared to overcome life’s great challenges.

    When you vote, think of the things that really matter. Not your feelings. DAMN SHAME

    If you are thinking how you’re going to put food on the table, pay your bills, send your children to college, or get that job that can help accomplish these goals.

    Look at your choices, ask yourself, are you better off now, or 3 to 4 years ago? Look at the resume of these individuals, which of them have done things for the people. I’m speaking of you and me the majority that aren’t millionaires or billionaires. We the People need to take back control. IF WE DO NOT…IT WILL BE A DAM SHAME!!!


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