Biden JUST Pissed Off 93 Million people!


As the United States enters an era of unprecedented political change and turmoil, President Joe Biden has hinted at a potentially significant shift in his own future political plans. In a recent statement that could be interpreted as subtle praise for California Governor Gavin Newsom, President Biden may signal his intentions not to run for re-election in 2024 and instead throw support behind the accomplished governor.

The implications of such a move would be far-reaching for both parties, with the Democratic party’s political landscape being reshaped by this development. Biden’s possible endorsement of Newsom could potentially secure the latter’s position as a strong contender in the 2024 presidential race and signal a generational change within the Democratic Party.

Stephen Gardner updates on several noteworthy topics, commencing with the legal scrutiny surrounding Joe Biden’s actions in handling classified documents, which contrasts with the progressing case against Donald Trump. The latter responded to the news by condemning what he deems a corrupt country. A focal point emerges with Democrat Senator Joe Manchin critiquing both Biden and Trump, asserting that Biden’s centrist-to-left shift damaged his credibility, potentially paving the way for a Trump comeback.

During a speech in San Francisco, Biden hinted at the possibility of not running in 2024, instead praising Governor Newsom. This sparked speculation about Biden’s intentions and potential Democratic frontrunners. Amid claims of a successful economy, Biden faced a fact-check from the Republican National Committee, revealing contradictory information about household wealth.

Despite the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, it is uncertain whether his son, Hunter Biden, will face charges. Special Counsel David Weiss is reportedly investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud, with James Biden and an associate also being subpoenaed.

New York is grappling with financial challenges, with Mayor Eric Adams revealing a 5% budget cut, affecting the police force, infrastructure projects, and schools. Simultaneously, new House Speaker Mike Johnson released 40,000 hours of January 6th Capitol footage, revealing mostly peaceful interactions.

The text delves into AI industry developments, including the sudden firing of ChatGPT’s CEO and the resignation of a top board member, prompting speculation about the reasons behind these decisions. Additionally, the brother-in-law of Stacey Abrams, who ran for Georgia governor, faces charges related to human trafficking.

Election-related developments in Georgia involve a judge ruling that voting machines are unreliable, coinciding with threats of legal action against Donald Trump. As the Ukraine-Russia conflict persists, Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate expresses concern about the likelihood of a peace deal, drawing parallels to unresolved historical conflicts. The report concludes with reflections on the human toll of prolonged wars, echoing sentiments expressed by former President Trump.


Calling Jan. 6th an insurrection is like calling a BLM riot a mostly peaceful protest.

We must let the dems know we as Americans won’t stand for such wrong doing


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