Biden JUST Pissed Off 93 Million people!


In a recent address held in San Francisco, Vice President Joe Biden strongly hinted at the possible decision to not run for presidency in 2024, surprising many attendees and political analysts alike. Instead of directly addressing his future ambitions, he passionately praised the impressive leadership skills of California Governor Gavin Newsom, further fueling speculations about his own political plans for the coming years.

During the speech, Biden commended Governor Newsom’s efforts in tackling issues such as climate change, education reform, and healthcare expansion, highlighting how these progressive policies have impacted California positively. He emphasized the importance of working together with both Republican and Democratic governors to achieve meaningful policy changes across the United States. As Biden continued to praise Newsom’s accomplishments, it became increasingly clear that he might be considering stepping aside in 2024, allowing a new generation of leaders like Governor Newsom to take charge.


Newsom can’t even fix California and he thinks he can fix the federal government lmbo. Thanks Stephen for bringing us the news

Honestly, I can care less about Hunter or James Biden’s cases. It’s Joe Biden that I would love to see charged and thrown out of the White House!


  1. It’s great to praise someone if they do good. But like himself, both are not. Thousands have left because of high housing rates, crime out of control, and the Woke nonsense. Most of Hollywood caters to that. I keep hearing some stars are going to leave if Trump gets re-elected. Cher for example. Before it was Oprah. In the real world, people do not care. They want to pay their rent, food, gas for cars, heating bills, and other necessities. The only green they have to think about is will the kids have enough food, are they being taught basic life skills like Math, Reading, Writing, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner, and go to school without be told their skin color is a determination of their IQ. If a girl, will I have to watch that a boy can claim to be a girl, just so they can invade my privacy? Is transgender normal? Am I a boy or a girl? Will teachers be encouraging me to have a sex change because for a second, they encouraged it, or I decide my life is useless and being another sex would make me better? Can I hide this from my parents? All these things matter. Do the parents have to work two to three jobs to pay for basics. Can I take a vacation every once in a while? Am I, a family member, or a friend, going to be attacked, kidnapped, robbed, with no reason. Why am I being beaten in school or at the school grounds? Why are the school boards and teachers unions arresting my parents for sticking up for me? Why has San Francisco, other cities been declining because of influx of illegal immigration, crime, drug encourage trafficking and prostitution near my house or school? Why aren’t my leaders, including the President and his followers, such as bureaucrats and politicians, the putting other countries needs instead of mine? Treating the Police like criminals, and watching other kids looting, not working, and have no purpose? Why is God and values being looked down on?

  2. I appreciate your ability to sell the story that our “mainstream” media refuses to touch in an understandable fashion! It is clear that we are being screwed! I know the Dem’s are currently looking at an attack on my retirement pay! Makes me want to vote for a Dem who will take my money and provide the same to some progressive cause! Then you talk about the lies we are continuously fed, that the facts have demonstrated Jan 6th was not what we have been told by our mass media!

    • Of course it wasn’t! We all need to realize that the left will do and say anything that they feel will help them stay in power. Everyone, even the democrats, knows that you can’t overthrow the government with just a couple of thousand unarmed citizens protesting what their government is doing. J6 was a protest, just like the claim by the left that all the “peaceful” riots, burning, and looting, of several of our major cities by blm and antifa, was no big deal. We, as a country, must purge the democrats from our government if we want our constitutional republic to continue to live.

  3. biden and the dems need to go , go to hell that is .They are destroying our country . just read where antfia burnt a number of dump trucks and the atln police did nothing . keep those bastards in dem controlled cities . Every dem city are burning down with hi crime rates .I think people are finally getting tired of biden and his 3rd world vision

  4. Newsom has said that he wants California to be the model for the rest of the US. Well we all see how that is going in Ca. To save our country we don’t need Newsom or any other Democrat for that matter.

  5. I can’t believe that any of this despicable treacherous TREASON is a surprise to anyone. I’m not “into politics” but it’s been blatantly obvious to me for YEARS. Yes. We need an AmericanRevolution 2.0

  6. Resident Biden needs to be removed from the White House, & be placed in the graybar hotel, alias the “big house”. The rest of the democrat elite, & their minions (lamestream news media, antisocial media & the billionaire elite , who support them; should be behind bars, for treason

  7. One phucking idiot endorsing another phucking idiot…..BRILLIANT! NOTHING EVER CHANGES ON THE DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION…….SAME OLD BULLSHITE!!!

  8. Biden is CATHOLIC Newsom is CATHOLIC. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor. You also vote for a proven thousand years and a hundred nations of 100% FAILURE. LOOK SOUTH FOR PROOF.

  9. can you imagine being so delusional that you think newson has done anything that positively impacted california or Californians?

    further to put emphasis on climate change, education reform, and healthcare expansion all of which are in horrible shape and causing endless grief in California shows just how out of touch with the impacts of their own policies Democrats are.

    The democrats have destroyed california. it should be the most popular state in the union yet people are leaving in droves. California has been goign down hill since the 1970’s. Oregon has been goign down hill since the 1980’s and Washington state have been going sown hill since the 1990’s. all due to democrat leadership.

    When the polish final comes off each individuals democrat apple they stare at it going how did you get so rotten. The answer is simple. you voted for the worms.

  10. Glad he pissed off 93 million people maybe now we can get someone who knows what the F they are doing and get the country back on track. The democrats need to practice keeping their arm hidden going up the back of his jacket and move their lips less.


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