The Nikki Haley situation keeps getting worse.


Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and billionaire businessman Vivek Ramaswamy have been embroiled in a conflict, which has piqued the interest of political watchers and stirred discussions among various segments of society. The disagreement seems to be rooted in their contrasting views on key policy issues and personal ambitions within the Republican Party. While Haley, who previously served as Governor of South Carolina, is seen as a party stalwart and potential 2024 presidential candidate, Ramaswamy has emerged as a vocal critic of what he calls “Big Business Republicans” and champions a more conservative approach to tech regulation. The clash between these two prominent individuals highlights the complex dynamics within the Republican Party and raises questions about its future direction. As they continue to exchange barbs and articulate their respective visions, both Haley and Ramaswamy are poised to influence the party’s trajectory in the years ahead.


All voters need to pay attention and not vote for candidates who are warmongers who are only running to support the military industrial complex. Say NO to all warmongers!

Our president needs to be a strong leader. Haley does not fit in that mold especially since she threw the victim card…


  1. The ONLY candidate for president, in the Republican party, who deserves to be our next president, is Donald Trump. He’s the only candidate who can stand up to the constant attacks, plots & lies of the deep state & the democratic machine. Trump is a proven warrior (for America & it’s people), with a track record, to prove his abilities. Biden inherited a prosperous & strong country, from Trump, & immediately set out to destroy it.

  2. I love Trump and Ramaswamy and anyone else who tells the TRUTH! The truth hurts sometimes…oh well thin skinned people just go through life being delicate cry babies!

  3. Nikki Haley was on the board of directors for the Boeing company. Boeing is a notoriously badly managed company since 1979. management made much worse by the McDonald family buy massive stock in the company.

    Nikki Haley was put on the board for selling out north Carolina when Boeing wanted to build their new factory their. Boeing is also a notoriously democrat company.

    What do you think nikki haley is? a democrat or a corrupt democrat?

    Nikki Haley is not the leadership this country needs.


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